Thursday, October 30, 2014

Animal Kingdom

I am finally going to decorate my living room and am starting to look at fabrics. Don't know how you tackle decorating but I start with a fabric.  My favorite is Cowtan & Tout and I am loving this pattern:

Cowtan & Tout is my favorite for fabrics.  I love them even though I am not a fan of British decorating. Also on my list are Clarence House and Schumacher.  I am going to put a fun fabric on my drapes, four windows, a sisal rug, maybe grass cloth on the walls for texture.  The room is large and boxy.  Needs a vibrant fabric that is fun but sophisticated.

I used this in the master bedroom in my house in Maryland and I still adore it. It's called Indian Summer:

This Pierre Frey fabric has potential too:

This is from Schumacher:

Congo from Clarence House also has potential:

This is what I fell in love with but I think this is too whimsical for a country house.  Love the colors, it 's vivid in real life: blacks, orange, aqua and pink.

It must be in my DNA to have animals everywhere.  Most of my fabrics have animals. Oh well, surround yourself with what you love right?

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  1. Ann, I am trying to find out the name of the first fabric shown above, listed as Animal Kingdom. I have it on my chairs and need to recover them. I am assuming that is Cowtan & Tout and I wanted to confirm that the name is actually Animal Kingdom. I cannot seem to find it, but plan to go to ADAC in Atlanta to have them identify it. Hoping I can find the name and not have to do that. Thanks so much!


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