Monday, October 27, 2014

New Needlepoint

Made a quick trip to North Carolina this past weekend and made a long overdue stop to one of my favorite needlepoint shops, Adornment Needlepoint.  Ran into an old friend who had stitched some fabulous belts and she's using a new buckle and I love it. The buckle is bigger and my friend prefers her belts wider and adds 4 rows to each side on and 18" canvas.  Love, love the style. 

Here are some other photos of stuff in the shop. The place was packed with new things coming in for customers. This is a custom piece.

 I have not seen this before but this is simply divine...

Here's a closer look at the buckle:

 Love this belt too!
 More stuff:

 This rug is the same size as the fox rug I completed a few years ago.
 Really cute frames:

 I love this ornament:

 Another belt I loved!

 Christmas ornaments:

I love this too!

 For you horse racing fans out there!

Cannot wait to catch up on all my projects now that we are headed into winter. 


  1. Great buckle! Inspires me to finish a new belt.

  2. I love the belt - next one I do will be finished that way for sure!


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