Thursday, October 8, 2020

Planning Ahead for the Holidays

 I truly am starting to think about the holidays this year and will start decorating earlier than usual likely sometime in November. Thanksgiving is not a big deal at my house (no family close by) and we always cook at home (especially now). So I am moving on to the big one. Gift giving will be harder this year (all shopping by mail) and most will be shipped so you'd better start early to avoid the mad last minute rush that promise to be brutal.  I gifted this needlepoint bag from Lycette to myself and what a treat. It has a coated finish to it so you can wipe it clean and you order in three sizes and in pink gingham. Anyone who stitches will love this.

(Lycette Needlepoint Bag)

I already ordered some holiday paper from Caspari and will certainly need more and a great source is Target.  Loving this Sugar Paper red velvet ribbon to make the packages look extra special.

And this will make the cutest small gift for someone, also Sugar Paper for Target:

The search for the perfect holiday garland will be another blog post but just let me say that finding a good one of these is next to impossible. While boxwood is my favorite, this lovely magnolia garland looks pretty good.  You can't buy a cheap one of these - it will just look cheap and fall apart. So invest in a good one if you like to decorate a mantel, door frame or mirror with a garland.

Absolutely love this look for the holiday. 

I adore these holiday napkins and would love to add a set to my table. Cutest holiday napkins ever. Would make a fantastic gift too.

If you watch Christmas Vacation (we watch it every year) then you'll appreciate the whimsy in this door hanger. How fun is this?  See it here.

Love this ornament for the tree and it would also make a great gift. See it here.


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