Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday Tidbits

 It's a beautiful fall day here in Virginia, with more warm weather in store (but not too warm). There is no reason to be indoors right now unless absolutely necessary. Please stay safe everyone.This virus is getting much worse. 

So what's on my radar this morning?

Love these new pads from Lycette which are sure to sell out very quickly.  These will make a great gift for the stitcher in your world.  See them here.

Am in love with these needlepoint rugs but I need to win the lottery first. See the collection here.

Love this wreath for the holidays!

Plan early for your holiday decorating this year. Still looking for the perfect boxwood garland to use year after year. My Ballard one has not held up. Looking at this one at Etsy as you can order it by the length.  Most are too short for a door frame so you need to order two. See this one here.

Another one but short. See it here.

Love these bunny gift cards. Perfect gift to get or give. 

LOVE these staffordshire ornaments. Use them to decorate more than just the tree.

On the ornament front, is this not the cutest? See it here.

Love this hand painted wine glass. See it here.

Love these melamine salad plates for the holidays. See them here.

And more cute ornaments. I'd love to do a wreath with these. How cute!  

Happy Thursday. Stay in unless you have to go out. Order online. Vote!

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