Saturday, October 3, 2020

It's Saturday

It's a chilly Saturday morning here in Virginia and my long "to do" list is ready to tackle once I finish this blog post. To get an idea of what a "day in the life" here looks like (and remember, this is after a very long week at work, so I was "living for the weekend" so to speak).  We will never run out of things to do, get bored, or have down time here.

1) Pick up mums and pumpkins (local vendor)

2) Ride Alfie

3) Barn chores

4) Replace fence boards

5) Pick up hay at 9:30 

6) Take package to UPS and one to Fed Ex (shopping returns)

7) Pack trailer for horse show on Sunday

8) Plant bulbs after I clean out a new bed space, and mulch

9) Plan dinner

10) Watch Preakness around 5pm (post time is around 5:50)

So what's on my radar this Saturday?  Now you understand that blogging for me is a distraction from an incredibly overworked life (by choice I should add)......

There are two new shows on Netflix that I plan to add to my winter watching list starting with Rebecca. If you have not seen the original or have not read the book, then treat yourself. This was one of my favorite books growing up. Daphne Du Maurier's classic novel is a must read.  The new series starts later this month.

The 1940 original movie starred Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier and was an Alfred Hitchcock classic.  Read about this fabulous movie here. Definitely worth watching. It won an Oscar for Best Picture.

Movies rarely do good books justice so the book should be read as well.  Again, classics never go out of style, even books.

The other Netflix series I want to watch is Emily in Paris.  It sounds like Sex in the City in Paris.  I love Paris and it could be a cheap and easy way to escape to the City of Light without getting on a plane. We can all live through movies and television right now can't we?  

Loving these Frye booties for fall to wear with jeans and everything you own.  See them here.

Love these bistro chairs at a great price to use indoors or outdoors in black.  See them here.

Start planning for your holiday decorating now with this super cute nutcracker.  At this great price buy two, one for each end of your mantel.

Let the day begin!

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