Friday, October 30, 2020

Fun J Crew Picks

Winter is moving in tomorrow here in Virginia after seasonal spring-like days these past few weeks. We dined on the patio last night likely for the last time. Sigh. 

Love this J Crew Collection Coat. It looks a lot like a Tory Burch one I bought last summer but I may have to own this one too. It also comes in navy. You can never have too many coats, ever.


Love this look from J Crew (this is how I like to dress these days). This wool sweater comes in two colors, love them both and my favorite pair of sneakers is an older version of these New Balance ones. The second color is a bit wild but fun. We need some wild fun these days!

 Look also at this silk blouse, in grazing goats (yes, goats) print. Love the colors. Not so sure about the goats. See it here.

Love these black watch plaid pants that are perfect for the holidays. I plan to dress for the season, and why not?

These are a bit on the wild side. I can Audrey in this with a black turtleneck, hair pulled in a ponytail and Belgians......

As long as we are on funky, I also like this cashmere comes in pink and orange now. See it here.

I'm ready for a new pair of these.

Another funky fun find, but this one is Liberty. Love this! See it here.

And I may need this for those early mornings. Loving Liberty.  See it here.

Happy Friday.  VOTE!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I wish J Crew would just stay preppy. Not preppy 'with a twist' or 'cool' preppy, but just classic prep. There are almost no places in which to shop where you can find the old-school classic look. I'm officially old.


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