Monday, November 29, 2021

The Chapters of Our Lives

2021 has been a chapter-ending year.  It started early, on January 5th to be exact, when  Alfie, came in from turnout with a very lame leg.  That chapter ended less than three months later, when he died on a clear but cold Saturday afternoon in March when that same injury forced us to end his life.  He had lived a very good life and I respect that he did it "his way."

Another chapter is also ending in 2021.  Ironically, it was Alfie that started this chapter.  Years ago, at a horse show in Virginia, a well-respected licensed official came over and complimented me on Alfie. She admired a pretty horse and wanted to know about him.  That lady over time became a very dear friend and we have spent many days and nights together in her home near Farmville, Virginia watching movies, reminiscing about our horses and we worked together on history projects for the Virginia Horse Show Association.  This dear friend is not going to live out 2021 and likely not the week.  In this year of chapters ending it is appropriate that she selected the same year to go out in, as Alfie.  They had a lot in common.  She also could really ride.  That's her at Upperville back in the day.

If I have learned anything this year is that life gets a lot harder as you get older. Things come and go but by the time you reach a certain age you learn to appreciate what is important. In this new world of pandemics that should be quite clear by now.  So we are going to do our very best to find new traditions this season to adopt. We have a list of movies we watch each December.  We've already watched "movie one"- Christmas Vacation.  White Christmas always comes last.  Here is a list of the top 100 Christmas movies of all time if you care to select a few to watch this season. Other favorites - Christmas in Connecticut and Holiday Inn.

Another one to add to your list is The Family Stone.

We will make at least one trek to The Homestead to see the beautiful holiday decorations and I am adding a trip to The Boar's Head in Charlottesville (to get out while we can).  Make new chapters when the old ones close - keep the book of your life moving forward.  Enjoy your Monday and PLEASE get vaccinated.  In this hateful world we find ourselves in, please do something kind today for someone you love.


  1. So sorry for the impending loss of your friend. What a sad year :(

  2. I can not over state what your blog means to me, I'm 87 and in failing health. Because my family was all gone in my teens I have not seen what a graceful exit looks like. You have helped me to bring focus on the event. Many thanks, Ann

  3. The tribute to your friend touched me greatly. As I am now 87 I can identify with the sorrow of losing a good friend. Your blog brings back exhilarating memories for me. I was a saddle horse enthusiast. The American Royal in Kansas City was the palace of my annual escape from school. A whole week of afternoon and evening classes, I stayed until the tractor came into the arena to prepare the tanbark for the folks who schooled their horses after the performance. The trainers and exhibitors names are engraved on my mind even today. It was a privileged time and I could not have asked for a better preparation for life.

    Your blog is pure pleasure. Please keep it. You bring a touch of elegance to a world that has pretty much evaporated. Best regards, Ann


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