Wednesday, November 10, 2021

How to Survive the Holiday Supply Chain Issues

Last year I bought everything online.  Everything. This year that plan is not working so well.  Things are on back order.  UPS and even FedEx can be unreliable and do not get me started on using the USPS.  Just avoid them like the plague.  Sadly, very few holiday cards will be sent this year after I was still receiving them in March. Yes, March.  

So what's the plan for 2021?

Shop local.  Local companies need the business badly after 2020 and you can handpick your gifts and either hand deliver or ship them yourself and hope for the best. This ladies' Smartwool base layer is a great gift from a local vendor.  Their clothes are so warm.

Shop vintage. I love these Tiffin satin candlesticks from Etsy.  They are even more stunning in real life.

Order Flowers.  I plan to order flowers for my mother (she has everything she needs) and have them delivered every few months.  This is something she will enjoy after the holidays as well and avoids the holiday rush.  

Books sent directly from Amazon. Someone on my list will receive Christopher Spitzmiller's fabulous book. This is one of my favorite books (and I have a lot of books).  Perfect for anyone who gardens, decorates, cooks, or loves the country life. 

Order very early and hope for the best. That's what most will be doing unfortunately.  Happy Wednesday!

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