Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Sunday List - November Version

Happy Sunday!  Sorry for being so slow with recreating this list, again. But here it goes....

1) Current Read - Going There by Katie Couric

I am enjoying this book.  It's an easy read and surprisingly not incredibly well-written for a journalist but the story is good. She's had an incredible life.

2) Currently Stitching - Love this Bonnie Alexander canvas which I will frame. I customized mine a bit - date, horse names, etc. but it is a keeper.

3) Netflix or Apple TV Recommendation - The Morning Show on AppleTV.  I have not watched television all summer and fall other than for tennis and horse racing. Now that we no longer have DST I am watching again.  We are slow to catch up with all the great shows out there but I am loving The Morning Show.  Can I please have keys to Alex Levy's apartments?

4) Equine Product Recommendation - Thermatex Rugs.  This is one of my favorite horse products.  They are made in the UK and I use it for shipping, for cooling out after a ride, as a cooler at horse shows in colder weather.  I bought mine at Horse Country in Warrenton, VA.  Fabulous!

5) Cookbook or Recipe Recommendation - The Fox's Kitchen - I don't have this cookbook but it's on my wish list.

6) Whatever Else - This quilted skirt from Madewell is just, well let's say original.  Wish it came in more colors but this could be styled so many ways. 

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