Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Table Settings

We have a lot to be thankful for this year with a few very close friends and relatives not so well at the moment.  Cherish these special holidays while you can!  Time flies by very quickly.  

We'll have an intimate Thanksgiving this year at the farm, very quiet and low key but we'll be thinking about friends and family elsewhere.  My Christopher Spitzmiller plates were scheduled to arrive yesterday but did not, so I'll show you what I was planning to use for the holiday:

These dinner plates in green....

With these salad plates and bowls. I serve soup with Thanksgiving so I pick one of my patterns with bowls:

My idea was to have an equestrian-themed Thanksgiving, again.  But we'll see what we end up with! Here are some other ideas, just for fun....

Love these plates from Etsy. It would be fun to have a set of these and I'd pull out the green or the gray and do place mats.  I have some dark green quilted corduroy mats from Juliska that would work well with these. Then add tortoise silverware....and then I'd pick some glass from my collection.

Here are some other possible options:

I have a complete set of June Lane, a Lenox Kate Spade pattern.  It's popular to use at Thanksgiving because I have the rim soups. It makes a stunning table paired with beige and white Matouk scalloped place mats and jacquard napkins.

I rarely pull out Rothchild Birds for Thanksgiving because I don't have bowls.  It is likely my favorite pattern of all time.  Wish my collection was this large!

It's been a very long time since I used my Wedgewood pattern. I don't have the soup bowls for this one either.  But this is about as classic as it gets. It still sets a lovely table after all these years.  I never tire of this one.


An old standby for the fall holiday season - my Juliska salad plates in orange (very sadly discontinued). I pair these with white dinner plates and it sets a lovely table with pumpkins and greenery.

Stay tuned for the Thanksgiving table setting.  Hope you have a wonderful turkey day!

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