Friday, November 26, 2021

Extravagant Gifts

Gift giving is my favorite part of the holiday season - to give and to receive - and it's fun to pick out the extravagant gifts you'd give (or would like to receive) for that very special someone or that very special ocassion.  

My Herend animal collection is old (I've collected them since I was in my 20's) but I'd love to have this one and he reminds me of Alfie (Alfie was built like this with a long back). Herend is always appropriate.

Candles have gotten more expensive but really good candles have never been inexpensive. I'd love to receive an Acqua di Parma candle (or anything from this brand for that matter).

I don't know anyone who does not love Hermes.  Picking out the right scarf is the fun of it all - my first one was purchased in St. Barts, my last one in Boston.  Somewhere in between - in Paris (a few times), Vienna (a few times) and other places.  They will never get tired, outdated, out of fashion.  Love this one.  She will always treasure this.

A Limoges box is timeless. Pick out the right one for your loved one and it's a forever piece.

Love the fox one:

A classic Herend Cache Pot is sure to please.  This is lovely.

This glass fox intaglio necklace is a one of a kind:

This cachepot is divine:

What lady on your list won't love this handmade necklace from local artisan Sally Lowe?

Happy shopping Santa!

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