Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Starting Your Own Holiday Traditions

I'm old enough to have traditions in my life. Through the years we've created traditions that we try to keep up almost every year.  Have you added some of these to your holiday?  If not, start now.....

1) Holiday Movies
I have a collection of Christmas movies and we work our way through them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, saving the very best, White Christmas, for last.   This is one of the highlights of the season and I can't wait to get started.... and vintage is definitely best!

Here are the ones we watch before White Christmas:

And we love the Rudolph movie which I think was a television show at one time:

2) Needlepoint Ornaments
I have a growing collection of needlepoint ornaments that I used to put on my tree. Now I put them on a boxwood garland near my kitchen (between the mud room and the kitchen) where I enjoy them multiple times a day.  This way I really get to see them.  One day these will be passed down to someone who I hope will appreciate the love and time that went into making each one.

3) A Dinner and a Play
My mother and I used to go to see The Nutcracker in my home town almost every year.  It was something I looked forward to and we'd have a dinner downtown before the play.  Since my mother lives far away now I decided this year to start my own tradition by going to see a Christmas play with dinner. We'll do this every year.  Can't wait!

4) Horsey Girls' Night Out
Years ago I started a dinner party group that met a few times a year.  At Christmas we'd do a potluck and bring a gift and we'd exchange them after dinner. It was a lot of fun.  The group has disbanded for various reasons but it was a fun tradition that anyone could start.  

5) Peppermint Bran Mash for the Horses
My horses love this especially Alfie since he isn't supposed to have sugar.  Sega gets Altoids in hers as she loves those more than anything else.  Do you spoil your horses at the holidays?

6) Boxwood Wreath
I make the trek over to Ivy Nursery every year specifically to pick out my boxwood wreath for my front door. A regular wreath just won't do! 

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  1. Love your blog. Totally agree with your movie choices and White Christmas is the best, but neck and neck with it’s a wonderful life.


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