Monday, November 4, 2019

Preppy Chic Plaid

Plaid is back in.  Or maybe it never went out.  Preppy chic plaid is pretty darn perfect for the holidays and this year there is lots to choose from like these lined (yes, lined) pants from J Crew that you can wear forever. See them here.

If you are tall enough to pull off this elegant look for the holidays then go for it!  Love these but I need to grow a bit taller.  See them here.

If you prefer a more casual approach to plaid then you'll love these pants from Vineyard Vines.

Pair this Zara blazer with solid pants for a great holiday look.  See it here.

Love this blackwatch plaid skirt that you can wear to work or to party.  See it here.

And love these velvet mules with just a touch of tartan.  See them here.

And the Stewart Plaid Belgian Loafers have been on my wish list for several years now.  See them here.

1 comment:

  1. I grew up loving plaid/ tartan and I still do. In high school our uniform was a plaid skirt and I still like tartan.


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