Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Needlepoint Luggage Straps - Again

I blogged about this topic way back in 2016 and here we are again!  At that time I mentioned that I was starting my own needlepoint luggage strap project and guess what?  Still going.......but I am getting close. You can see that post here.

Adding a luggage rack to a guest bedroom makes a nice touch and it's easier for your guests.  My plan is to put my two sets of straps (this is why it's taking so long) at the end of each twin bed.  I bought my luggage racks years ago (mine are mahogany bamboo). The great news is that since 2016 when I could not find anything at all I wanted to stitch for this project, there are many more patterns out there from which to choose.

The Meredith Collection offers a ton of options. See the patterns here.

You can change the colors to make any patterns fit your decor.

You can buy a luggage rack almost anywhere online.  This one is from Pottery Barn.  See it here.

Love these - just change the colors a bit. See them here.

Love these hunt scene ones if this fits your decor.  See them here.

And I love these ribbon ones.  See them here.

And if you don't want to stitch your own you can always buy vintage (very cheaply these days).  See this one ready go to.....

Here is a photo of my straps in progress.  It's a boring project now that the monograms are done (that is why it is taking so long) and because they are white, I have to be careful where I take them to stitch.  And for some reason I get car sick when I stitch on these in the car. Hoping to have them done this winter.  I'll report back once completed.  I created my own monograms using a book I have in my library.  My background is white with two shades of aqua on the sides.  the other two straps are solid white.  Stitched in Silk and Ivory. These will be sold on Ebay long after I am gone. LOL.  Hope I have encouraged you to start your own project!

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see the finished luggage rack. The monogram is beautiful.
    I've got plenty of pillows and rugs that I've stitched, straps for my luggage
    rack would be the perfect project for this winter. And maybe one for my camera too.
    I'm old school and use a real camera for my photos. :)


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