Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Etsy Does Equine

I have never shopped off Etsy (the Internet site where you can buy all kinds of things, vintage or handmade) but I hear many good things about it.  So I decided to see what it's all about.  Yes, there are some cool things but you have to wade through a lot of  "stuff."  Here are some of the more interesting things that I found this evening.

You can have a custom made "ribbon quilt" made from your horse show ribbons.  Instead of throwing them out (which is what eventually happens when you reach a critical mass), have them made into a lovely quilt.  This one used 132 8" ribbons and 20 rosettes. This person charges $750 (which sounds reasonable to me) and she ships it to you once completed. 

If you don't have 130-some ribbons sitting around the house, what about this really interesting customized rocking horse and jump?  This one is called "Sasha" and was made for a grand daughter who jumps her own horse. Grandpa must have deep pockets as this one will set you back a mere $3500.00.  Pretty cool for the little equestrian who probably has everything.

This I fell in love with and if I was not trying to get rid of all my extra "stuff" I would likely have this sent. This vintage horse show poster is small, about 8 x 10 and is only $21 plus shipping.  Isn't it cool that shows used to create stuff like this? 

Lastly, I found this vintage Horse Veterinary Ad 18" Linen Throw Pillow (now that is a handfull!).  This is a very reasonable $30 and if I had a place for this, I would order this one right away!  This would go great in my mudroom (where I just ordered two pillows for a lot more money, but oh well).  I guess I should have checked out Etsy earlier.

If you have not seen it, check it out and just search under "horse" and all kinds of things come up.  Weed through it all and you'll be surprised what's there.  I love a bargain and I love the unusual.  Happy shopping!!

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  1. Hi there, love your site! Just wanted to share with you that I too make quilts and pillows from horse show/dog and other ribbons! My website is www.keepsakeribbonquilts.com on Yahoo. Best of luck and happy holidays!


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