Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh So Foxy

I got to thinking about fox hunting early this morning for some reason.  When we lived in Maryland we were members of a hunt and many friends still hunt in PA, MD and VA.  It is a fun group of people and they live life to its fullest.  (And no, the foxes are not typically killed.  Let me put it this way, I have never seen one killed. It's all about the chase and most hunts today drag hunt or hunt coyotes).

Also have a beautiful red fox that lives under a barn on the property.  I've seen him twice in the past week.  He looks something like this. Isn't he lovely? 

(National Geographic)

For many years we had lots of "hunting" stuff in our house (and still do to a degree).  I love it!  Even if you don't hunt, add some "equestrian aura" to your own place.   It's so easy and classic.

These silver salt and pepper shakers are from Vagabound House.

I love fox hunting themed dishes (see some of my earlier blog posts on equestrian china). These are newer but fun (all from Horse and Hound):

There are lots of needlepoint patterns out there with a fox theme. These are from

Remember the fox rug I needlepointed?

Fox ties? Hunting ties?

How about hunting trim?  This is from Highland Court, their new Saratoga line.  LOVE IT!

(Decor Arts Now)

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