Friday, August 28, 2015

Bar Cart Bonanza

I've been finishing up the living room renovation (will blog about it when it's all done) but have decided that I need a bar cart and have the perfect spot for one.  There are so many to choose from but here are some that I like the most.....Society Social has the best selection by the way.

Loving this one from Serena and Lilly but I think it's too informal for my room. Screams ocean to me. Great size and price too.

This is one of my favorites from Barclay Butera but it only comes in black so it won't work in my room. Looks like something Ralph would create don't you think?

These are from Society Social and many are out of stock but they are great looking!

 I also like these from Worlds Away...

(From Domino)

Which one is your favorite?


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  2. I love the faux bamboo in the bar carts... my favorite is the one in the picture with the octopus. The ones later seem too utilitarian to me? and I agree about your comment about the rattan one looking beachy. The faux bamboo is casual elegant and the glass is a beautiful touch. Dressy but not formal. You may wish to add felt circles to the bottoms of some of your bottles so they don't scratch. For bottles - you'll HAVE to have Blanton's bourbon on the bar complete with racing horse stopper. We collect the stoppers - I think we have only two letters so far!!!


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