Thursday, October 29, 2015

ISIS-Like Slaughter of Prized Show Jumper in Florida

The horse world is up in arms this week after the brutal slaying of a prized Grand Prix show jumper in Florida near Tampa over the weekend. You can read the story here.

It's disturbing to say the least and you can be certain that those who live in Florida where this has been happening are battening down the hatches, putting in surveillance cameras and hiring guards.  Hoping that something positive can come out of all of this in some small way.  If looking for a silver lining, then perhaps this ISIS-like crime will bring to light the number of slaughterhouses out there (not just killing horses inhumanely for meat) but also killing many other animals as well.  There is a non-profit, The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), that is behind this movement and it's going on my list of causes to support. A reference is made to them here.  ARM's web site can be found here.  It appears that they are doing a lot of good.

An amazing $44,000+ dollars has been raised for a reward leading to information about who is responsible for this crime. You can donate to this fund here. Money talks!  Just ask any member of Congress about that!

This terrible act of violence will not go unpunished.  Hearts and prayers go out to the owners of this horse, Debbie and Steve Stephens, who are both legends in the horse world.  Debbie is a renowned show jumper rider and Steve is one of the world's top course designers, designing courses for the Olympic Games among other venues around the world.   Hoping that something good can come out of all of this!

(Debbie Stevens in a happier moment)

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  1. There's a black market horse slaughter 'thing' that has been going on in FL for years now. This is something similarly, but disturbingly different, as all the previous horses were not on farms with homes nearby, or otherwise a risk of exposure/detection. It makes me wonder if this wasn't a vengeful act carried out to make it look like it was part of the horsemeat slaughter 'thing'.
    Hideous, either way.


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