Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Outfits

You've not seen much lately on the fashion front, frankly because I am not liking anything out there right now.  Usually I am able to make lists of the clothes I am loving for the holidays but my Visa is loving the inactivity.  I do love this adorable cotton skirt from Middy n' Me. Cotton does not work well in winter where I live and the line is uber-expensive but you've got to admit this is adorable.  You Florida girls should try this one on for the holidays.

I love Devon Bauer tunics for the holidays and this one does not disappoint. See it here.

I also love this Devon Bauer tunic in red.  Think of the possibilities.  See it here.  Hint, you can buy last year's models on the DB website right now for less than half price!

I don't have a lot of Kate Spade clothes but I do like this top for the holidays.  See it here.

Am I the only one not buying clothes this winter? 

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