Monday, April 18, 2016

American Greatness

As we approach the running of the roses again in early May, I can't stop thinking about last year's run with American Pharoah. We were so spoiled last year to watch greatness, to witness a horse that will surely go down in the history books as one of the greatest to run on American soil. I'm still reading Joe Drape's book that comes out later this month and I simply can't put it down.  There's a glimpse of his book in this article in the New York Times, and he's a writer there, and it shows in his excellent writing.

If you loved watching this horse, please read this book.  His greatness was oozing out of him all along and some saw it, others did not.  You could have bought this horse as a two-year-old but nobody wanted him. 

See the article here and read my blog post about the book here.  Maybe we'll witness history two years in row?

New York Times photo

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