Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Madness

It's mid-March and winter finally arrived here on the the East Coast.  The wind has been howling for the past half-day and today without the wind chill, temps are going to get out of the mid 20's.  Brrrrrrr. There is certainly some madness in our March. I was ready for spring. What happened?

But March is a great month despite the's March Madness time and I can't wait for it to begin.  But there's madness in more than just basketball.

1) NCAA Brackets
Have you completed yours yet?  It's going to be an interesting few weeks with some favorite names popping up - Villanova, Duke, UNC, UCLA, and even Michigan. It all starts Thursday.  Brackets done?  Check!

Watching sports always inspires me to get out there and "just do it."  You can do it in winter style with this Nike shirt.  Nike is my favorite brand for running clothes.  This one is on sale too.  See it here.

2) Spring Clothes
I love spring clothes and have perused the Internet a bit scoping out some cute things that I really don't need. The clothes are not to my liking this season so far which is good news for my bank account.  I like this outfit from Monkee's. I wear white jeans all year.  This shirt is cute but I wonder how those pom poms are going to hold up after a few washes or dry cleans?  Probably not that well.

3) Spring Cleaning and Decorating
I've been motivated to clean a bit (due to not wanting to be outdoors) and can't wait to pull out the patio furniture, eat outside and do some entertaining. I am loving these place mats from Serena & Lilly (everything is 20% too with the code MUSTHAVE).

Stay warm in the East.  Happy Hump Day!

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