Friday, July 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: Caroline of Natural Beauty

I am thrilled to be guest posting with Ann today because I am a huge fan of Horse Country Chic!  Not only am I taken with the majesty of horses, but I suppose I owe quite a lot to them as well.  My parents started dating when they were 16.  My mom had fallen off her horse and broken her arm so my dad offered to carry her books at school - and here I am!  I am an animal lover/vegetarian, have ridden for years and the numerous horse sketches in my home are some of my favorite possessions.  In general I simply cannot resist the elegant and timeless nature of equestrian style, which Ann captures so brilliantly on Horse Country Chic.   I did a photo board that I thought you might enjoy because it reflects many of the themes of her blog.  (There’s also a photo of William and Harry playing polo for good measure.)  My blog, Natural Beauty, features eco, design and lifestyle pieces and I strive to demonstrate that environmentalism and philanthropy are a lovely natural compliment to a well-designed life.  If you’d like to stop by I’d love to have you.  Check out Ann’s guest post on horse-related non-profits here

You can also read about the amazing work of one of my favorite organizations, The Gentle Barn, here.


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