Friday, July 15, 2011

Wade's Mill

Wade's Mill carries on the milling tradition of the Kennedy/Wade families in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  Located just off I-81 at the Raphine exit, it is a fun trip and you can combine it with a visit to Rockbridge Vineyards which is just up the road.

Wade's Mill is one of the few mills that is still in operation in the valley and today its products are in huge demand as local restaurants and individuals desire to purchase products made locally.  Visitors can go to the flour mill and actually see how it is made.  They offer a variety of products including stone-ground, whole grain, whole wheat bread flour; stone-ground white bread flour, stone-ground all purpose flour, stone- ground white and yellow corn meal, stone-ground polenta, buckwheat flour and whole grain rye.  They offer mixes (including my favorite, hushpuppies).  You can sign up for a cooking classes, intimate dinners at the mill and other special events throughout the season.

The mill is on the National Historic Register and has been fully restored.

It is lovely even in winter:

They have a kitchen/cooking store downstairs full of great gifts for the serious cook:

Make sure you go upstairs to see how the flour is produced:

Happy Friday!

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