Thursday, April 9, 2015

Favorite "Picture Books"

I hoard books. While some have adapted to the e-reader, I have not.  I still read the Wall Street Journal every day, not online.  So it shouldn't be surprising to find a plethora of books on the expansive bookshelves in my home office.  So what are some of my favorites, the ones I just thumb through every now and then to look at the pictures, to get ideas, to just enjoy?

Virginia Country, Inside the Private Historic Homes of the Old Dominion, by Betsy Wells Edwards. See it here.

Winter House by Charlotte Moss.  Even though this profiles a winter house in Aspen, I get ideas from this every time I view it. 

Linens by Jane Scott Hodges.  She is the owner of Leontine Linens.  Enough said.

Hunt Country Style by Kathryn Masson.  See it here.

Equestrian Style by Vicky Moon.  See it here. This is a classic.  Still waiting for volume two.

Needlework Animals by Elizabeth Bradley.  If you love to needlepoint you'll love this book.  It is out of print but available via Amazon resellers here, cheap.

 What are some of your favorites?


  1. Books are my weakness, too! What about Virginia Plantation Homes

    and Virginia Country: Inside Private Historic Homes

    Can't wait to see Charlotte Moss' new garden book! It's coming out on April 15th!

  2. Winter House is one of my favorites! Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Charlotte's new garden book which should be delivered tomorrow. Yippee!
    Other favorites are those by Charles Faudree. Like you, my shelves are full of beautiful books on art, antiques, interiors, and gardens. Will always appreciate the beauty of a bound book.
    Oh, and I'm a long time stitcher. Elizabeth Bradley's Needlework Animals is also on my shelves. ;-)


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