Friday, April 24, 2015

J Crew Picks

I was pleasantly surprised at the recent J Crew rollout and actually found a few items that I liked, after a long drought of grunge-looking clothes that I wouldn't wear even to do barn chores.  Maybe the brand is realizing that it needs to return to its roots of good quality, preppy-like clothes with a twist, without a hefty price tag.  Time will tell.  Here are some of the pieces I thought were spot on, for a change:

I loved this classic look that is so Chanel-like.  Not sure if I could pull off the wide leg pants (you need to be tall and reed thin) but I love the look nevertheless.  The t-shirt comes also in navy and ecru which I prefer.  Love the bag too. The white necklace is adorable.

This Italian linen dress is the clean-cut minimalist style that I prefer. This comes in several colors but this is the one I like best.  This dress can go to work, cocktails, parties, weddings, graduations.

This is another look that caught my eye.  Love, love, love this top. So classic, clean-cut, great quality. You can wear this with everything!  It comes in white too.  And the shorts look great too.  Pull-on no less, but linen, with zipper pockets. I'd wear this with my navy Birkenstocks from last spring.

I like this dress too.  You may need to be tall to wear this as well but I love the look.

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