Thursday, February 4, 2016

A New Horsey Read

JOSIE PARKER lives to spend every moment riding and caring for the horses at Hidden Green Farm. Here, just a stone’s throw from her own back yard, she is part of a unique subculture that, aside from her family, is more important to her than anything else.  She and her best friend, Tessa, walk, talk, live and dream horses. They also do what best girl friends do best together - obsess over falling in love. At sixteen, Josie’s life is by all accounts perfect; she flits through every day happily, gently, inspired by her passion for horses and wholly intrigued by Cleve Gregory, the mysterious, handsome farm hand who kindles in Josie all the gut-wrenching qualities and curses that characterize a girl’s first love.
When her seemingly flawless life is rocked by family tragedy and a surprising turn of events that thwarts her blossoming romance, Josie devotes herself to Lars, a forsaken horse at Hidden Green. Hoping to find her lost joy, she is only to be derailed again.  Shattered and defeated, she turns her back on Hidden Green, and horses, and heads to New York City, her sights set on a career in nursing. Bravely and with good intention, she pursues a life absent of the people and the avocation she truly loves most.
Serendipity and kismet compel Josie, the young woman, to face her demons, bringing her full circle and to an unexpected partnership with John Courage, a quirky but talented show horse owned by Addie Crawford, a young girl who reminds Josie so much of herself. The bond between the Crawford family, Josie and this promising show horse is immediately strong. Garnering championship after championship for his angsty teen owner, John Courage also becomes the catalyst for a series of events that bring clarity to Josie Parker’s journey toward enduring, true love.
Ultimately challenged by the uncertainty of Johnnie’s fate, Josie finds herself again staring into the eyes of loss. She is confronted with decisions that are, at once, frightening and life defining. She finds insight and possibility in an abiding, inherited gift, and she makes a difficult choice that stands to significantly affect Johnnie’s, and her, future.
Based on a true story, JOHN COURAGE is written with detailed credibility and compassion. Horse lover or not, Josie Parker’s spirit will fill your heart with the feelings of joy, sadness, defeat and triumph we all experience navigating our way through life’s uncertainties.

You can order the book here.

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  1. Check out the book 'Falling for Eli'. Two thumbs up from me!


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