Monday, March 26, 2018

The Scarf Touch

I was at a party over the weekend and several people commented on the tied scarf I wore tucked inside a J Crew wool Tippi sweater which I wore underneath a J Crew tweed blazer. It's a simple look to pull off and I realized that many don't know how to wear scarves.  Wearing a scarf is a great way to stay warm, add a pop of color to an otherwise plain look and to hide an ugly neck (a fact of life as you get older).

I strongly prefer a silk or cotton scarf. Stay away from poly if you can (and you can).  The scarf needs to be a certain size for this to work.  If you buy scarves that are at least 27 inches square you should be fine.  Don't buy much smaller than that.

Here is the outfit I wore:

The silk scarf is also J Crew, a Drake collaboration.  The quality of the silk is wonderful.  if they make these again, snap one up immediately.  I love this pattern.  The colors are vibrant.

My collection of silk scarves is mostly Hermes, which I have bought over a long period of time but every now and then Talbots will offer a good silk scarf.  All accessories are 30 percent off right now too.

This adorable silk scarf is greatly reduced....

Brooks Brothers is another good source with excellent quality.

Have a happy Monday.


  1. Agreed about scarves! I love them and have a large drawer full. If you don’t wear one for a while, it’s worth saving as they don’t take up much space - unlike clothes and shoes, which I purge often. I just thought I’d mention the blue Talbots scarf you have a photo of is actually “modal,” a type of rayon. I followed the link as I love the colors and have a coupon.... but was disappointed to see it’s not silk. The black one is silk however.

  2. Just ordered the silk scarf from Macy's - thank you for the heads up! Perfect to help transition into spring up here in still-have-snow Maine!


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