Thursday, September 22, 2011

Folger Stables

We don't often talk about West Coast events and horsey things but the recent renovation of the Folger Stables (like in Folgers Coffee) is worth noting.  In San Mateo County, the $3.3M stable renovation won a 2011 national architectural award.

Today it is part of Wunderlich Park in Woodside, CA, but the stables and the 942 acres surrounding it were orginially part of a 12,000 acre land grant in the 1840's made to John Coppinger, an Irishman and one of the first non-hispanic Europeans to live on the peninsula.

The stables were built around 1904 and the Folgers owned the property by then.  By the 1920's the Folgers were using the estate to escape the cold and foggy summers in San Francisco.  When James Folger died in 1921, Peter Folger took over the business and in 1955 Peter bought the house and 30 acres from his siblings.  His son Peter is now an attorney in San Francisco and with his sister, Elizabeth they were on the advisory committee for the renovation of the stable that was completed in April, 2010.

Let's go back a bit to get the history straight. In 1956, Peter Folger sold the stables and 942 acres to Martin Wunderlich, retaining the mansion for the Folger family.  It was eventually sold and still remains in private ownership.  Wunderlich donated the stables and surrounding land to the County of San Mateo in 1974.  The Folger Stables were placed on the National Historic Register in April 2004.   The stables were designed by Arthur Brown, Jr, done in the beaux art style.  Brown also designed San Francisco City Hall, the War Memorial Opera House, and Coit Tower.

 But look what a lot of money can do!  This is lovely..................

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  1. This is a lovely stable and a great weekend destination. There is a museum in the carriage room of the main stable that chronicles the history of the area including the Chinese labor that built the walls around the stable and the history of the horse. there are also Trail Rides available for the first time ever in the park!


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