Monday, September 19, 2011

Inn at Grist Mill Square

We spent a wonderful relaxing weekend in Bath County, Virginia and came across this lovely inn in Warm Springs, Virginia, just reopened by new owners in February. Can't wait to venture out to this spot.  The dining area is charming and reminds me of places in Bucks County, PA, one of my favorite spots.  Put this on your places to go.

The complex is made up of several houses and buildings and includes a pool and tennis courts. The rooms are reasonable, all under $200 and include breakfast.

The restaurant is in an old mill.

There is a small bar area in the dining room, very quaint and cozy, clubby but rustic.  Just my style!  This is the wine cellar in the restaurant.  Notice the mill wheel!

There is also a small store:

Some of the rooms are in this house:

Others are in here:

Take a look inside:

Looks great doesn't it?


  1. Hi from Italt, what a beautiful blog!
    please keep in touch:
    hope to see you soon,

  2. Thank you, Ann. We appreciate the nice mention in your fabulous blog! Hope to see you in Warm Springs during your next visit to Bath Co. Take care, Kate Loeffler~The Inn at Gristmill Square

  3. We stayed here when we took a long weekend out of the city last summer! We stayed in the Miller's house on the top floor and our room was identical to the one you pictured :) We enjoyed the pool and restaurant and loved driving the back roads seeing the sights! We hope to get back soon! :)


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