Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Fashion Trends for the Rider

Riding fashion has changed so dramatically in the past few years with the advent of high-tech fabrics that are cooler, washable, fashionable but also very expensive. The good news is that you don't need a lot of clothes for showing, you can wear the same outfit to show in week in and week out, unless you show at the bigger shows, multiple days a week.  Two coats, two shirts, a few pairs of breeches and one hat.  That's all you need.  And the color options are endless.  And the Italians have finally arrived! 

Riding Coats
There are so many choices out there for coats at all price points but I am going to go high end as there is a difference in the look you'll get.  Tailoring is key.  You can also resell your used clothing easily and get a lot of your money back once your done.  What is acceptable to show in depends on whether you ride in the more traditional hunters or the wild and crazy jumpers.  Jumper riders have so many more options.



Charles Anacona

Grand Prix

Le Fash
These have been the rage for a bit now but I am just now starting to love them. They can also be worn with jeans and a nice belt for fun or even to work with wool pants or skirts.  You can find them on sale from time to time too.



I love these shirts and they are made in the USA.  They come in short and long sleeves.  Ece also makes riding coats.

Rebecca Ray

Tailored Sportsman
I love these quilted belts.  They come in many scrumptious colors too.


Love this brand but it is expensive. These breeches are seen everywhere now. Love the colors too!

Equine Coture

Hats, boots and gloves are more personal and the fit is so imperative.  Again, tons of brands now to choose from - Samshield and Charles Owen helmets, Boots -Ariats, Tucci, Parlanti, Der Dau and the old stand-by, Vogel.

Riding is so much more fashionable than it used to be.  

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