Monday, June 5, 2017

More Alfie Agony

If you've followed my life with Alfie, you already know what a tough horse he is to own and ride.  I was reminded again, as if I needed to be reminded, this weekend, when I took Alfie out for our first horse show in many months.  We kept going this winter, taking only one three-week hiatus, but even though we had no real vacation, he mentally was not into "work" and we had not jumped courses for a long time. And last year was an "off" year for both of us, we did not show much.  For him, "work" is indeed a four-letter word.  I was using a few choice four-letter words as well on Saturday.

We did a few warm-up classes to get the rust out and by the time we got to the Adults, I was hopeful we might pull off a few good trips. Alfie had other plans.  Let's put it this way - we were very bi-polar - we either won or we were dead last.  We pulled out a tri-color, but wow, he does not make it easy. On to the next one, this coming weekend.

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