Thursday, August 3, 2017

Splendid Splurges

There are some things in life that are worth "paying for" and looking back, I want to say that "yes" it was worth it, to splurge on some of these splendid things.

1) Manolo Blahniks
These were famous long before Sex and the City came along.  Sometimes you just have to make the plunge. Nothing looks better on a woman's feet and this brand is timeless.  Totally worth it.

2) Hermes Scarves
Hermes scarves are expensive but I must say that I use mine all the time, over and over again, and a knock-off just won't do.  If you can buy one with all of the colors you wear, you'll get your money's worth and you can always resell these if you tire of them.

3) A Good Handbag
If you think about how often you use a handbag, buying a good quality basic bag is worth the expense.  I don't buy these often and buy brands I know I'll love even five or ten years later. Totally worth it.  Nothing makes a good outfit bad like a cheap handbag.

4) A Good Moisturizer
Your skin is worth the expense of finding the right moisturizer for you.  Sometimes the one you like is expensive and if you find one that works for you, you may be able to justify the expense.  

5) Original Art You Love
Over time I have learned to appreciate art and admit that early on, I did not have this appreciation.  We have found a few artists that we love and have a number of paintings by one artist in particular.  I enjoy having this art around me now in multiple rooms in my house and cabin.  Totally worth the expense. Totally.

6) An Expensive Dress for a Memorable Evening
We lament about not dressing up to go out anymore and the "events" that come my way in my world are few and far between now that I am out of the city. But every now and then isn't it great to put together a fabulous outfit for a special evening?  And take photos!

Other Splurges I Have Never Regretted........
* Tickets to the Eagles Concert (may Glenn Frey RIP)
* The last minute trip to the UK to attend a country wedding of a close friend
* The very expensive "Jackie O" style Barney's suit that I bought in the early 90's and still wear
* Anything Armani

Have a great Thursday!


  1. This scarf looks gorgeous! Where can I order it?

  2. The best place to buy is the Hermes stores or their website. There are some internet sites that sell the older ones. This is likely an older one. The styles change every year.


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