Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Style Influencers

I just read about Tory Burch's "influencers" in her life - mostly her parents, Buddy and Reva, who, by all accounts, had incredible style. What or who influenced the choices you have made, in your style?  I did not have a "Buddy" or a "Reva" in my world.  My parents did not have great style and my mother is far from a fashionista.  My father was preppy and sensible and I get that part of my style from him.   I am not one to take great chances, I love tradition and the "classics" for sure.

Growing up, my sisters and I waited for The Talbots catalog to arrive every season.  There were few catalogs back then, no Internet shopping and in my hometown, we did not have a ton of stores like we have today.  So that catalog influenced me for sure and it would be wonderful if Talbots could somehow rekindle the aura they once had. I remember the Herman Geist t-shirts.  They were solid colors with a small band around the neck and sleeves, with a white piping. I had a lime green one.

The clothing back then was vibrant, with lots of colors and patterns, many of the brands we cherished are long gone - J G Hook blouses, Geiger jackets (maybe still around but certainly not in style).

We wore Dean's sweaters, Malia sundresses, Vested Gentress dresses and carried Bermuda Bags. Pendleton wool was also big. Lilly was "in" too.

(Vested Gentress Dress)

I actually owned this exact sweater.  My father bought this for me in New York during a trip there with him one summer.

And the patchwork Dean's were all the rage.  Men wore these too. The horror, I know.

(Malia Sundress)

So how does all of this preppy style turn into real style as you get older? I am not sure it does.  It's almost comical to see the things that we adored way back when.  But your early choices and your early loves influence what you choose your style to be when you really "get it."  I never wear floral dresses now, ever except for Lilly.  And the patchwork sweater?  Not. On. Your. Life.  I won't even wear madras now that it has come back in a bit.  My almost minimalist style today is almost counterculture to what I loved in my youth.

Simple lines.....


A little of color here and there....

And a little bit of preppy every now and then just to remind me of my youth and my roots.....

My style icons?  Jackie.  Grace. Audrey.  And of course, Tory. 

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