Thursday, October 3, 2013

Caped Crusader

It's looking likely that I am going under the knife again so I've been trying to get things in order over the next few weeks.  This time around it will be chilly so what to wear when you loose the use of an entire arm for a while, and stay warm?  The answer? A cape.  Poncho, garbage bag, whatever you want to call it. Staying stylish gets really difficult when you are totally disabled.  Ask me how I know....

This one is at Banana Republic. Wish it was not white but this would meet the stylish quota.

Adore this camel wool one from J Crew, alas from a past season.  Cute, great neutral color and it's wool.  Goes well with leopard too.  Did you that at Chico's leopard is a neutral?

This red one from Stella McCartney is adorable but way out of my price range.  Too bad medical insurance doesn't pay for rehab-ware.

And this I adore, vintage of course!  Vintage is best once again.

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  1. I discovered a few years ago that capes are my friends, especially on airplanes. I get hot so easily that a cape, especially if it opens in the front, can be taken off or put on without any struggle (I really feel uncomfortable when I end up having my neighbor offer to help me shed a layer, if I'm lucky it's my husband). I have a shoulder that can be an excruciating pain so the cape can be a blanket or "coat" with no problem. I buy them when the price allows and the style insists. Hope you have good luck finding an appropriate wardrobe. My best wishes on the success of your additional surgery. (I have at least 3 equestrian friends/acquaintances who have broken their wrists or lower arms in the last couple of months. What's up?)


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