Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween and Thanksgiving Needlepoint

Fall is in the air.....raking leaves, getting the pumpkins out, wintering the barn before the cold weather sets in.  It's even evident in the needlepoint! 

I stitched this one a while ago and gave it to my sister Sally; it now lives in Atlanta.  From Birds of a Feather, one of my favorite vendors.

This I absolutely love; what a labor of love this must have been to stitch.

Saw this recently on Ebay:

More fun stuff!

Would love to do all of these...........

Happy Monday! 


  1. Love these! Can you recommend someone in Virginia (or thereabouts) who does good finishing work? I have several projects needing the final touch! Thanks

  2. Po's Point in Charlotte, NC does a great job!


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