Friday, November 8, 2013

Monogram Mania

When I was growing up we monogrammed clothes and jewelry - sweaters, cuffs on pinpoint oxford shirts, initial necklaces and pins.  It's nice to see that trend coming back but now it seems that most anything can be monogrammed.   For my 18th birthday I received a gold initial pin that I still have and recently had it made into a pendant for a necklace, like this one:

Many girls are now wearing these which I also like and fit better in the more casual lifestyle and dress that is popular now:

I simply love these monogrammed napkins that appeared recently on a great blog, The French Tangerine. These can be made for you through a shop in Dallas and also appeared in a recent Southern Living. Just adore these!  You can shop for these here.

Monograms also look great in the bath.  No master, guest bath or powder room is complete without this subtle touch.  These came from Leontine Linens one of the best sources for monogramming linens, towels, and napkins. They have trunk shows in many cities and you can order online.  I ordered a set of white monogrammed napkins years ago and they will become heirlooms.  But they are expensive.  You can see their website here.

This to die for bathmat came from Grammercy, another good source for monogramming.  They also do custom work.

I also love monogrammed cocktail napkins in either linen or paper.  You can order these from Horchow here.

Monograms also look good in the bedroom.  These are from Leontine I believe:

Linen hand towels from Leontine:

More from Leontine:

Another source is Julia B. Her cocktail napkins are scrumptious!

These monogram cut-outs make great gifts and you can add them to wreaths or hang alone.  You can buy these on Etsy.  This one can be found here.

I personally think monogramming should be used with some restraint.  It adds a great touch but not just like anything else, everything in moderation, especially excess! 
Happy Friday!


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