Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Albemarle House

We ventured over the mountain this past weekend to wander through a few wineries and had a grand time.  Bleinhem and Trump are very close to one another so we made stops at both. Blenheim is owned by Dave Matthews (of the Dave Matthews Band fame) and we all know who owns Trump.  But Trump Vineyards has an interesting story behind it, in case you haven't heard the Kluge saga from a few years back.  It was all the rage in Charlottesville for a long time.

Patricia Kluge married well (read to a billionaire) and when she and her much older husband split, she got a huge payday.  She took her millions (and the house they built together, Albemarle House, pictured below) and she built a vineyard from scratch.  This wasn't a small, quaint endeavor but she created a huge operation and it went belly up when the economy collapsed during the Great Recession and she lost everything. You can read about it here.

Trump buys the house, once listed for $100M (yes millions) for $6.5M. Yes, he is a shrewd businessman even if you don't like him or his hair.  He owns the winery, the land, the grapes and now you too can stay in the Kluge mansion, because it is now a luxury hotel.  The setting is incredible. The only complaint is that there is not a restaurant close by unless you want to dine at the food truck at Blenheim or at the small cafe across the expansive lawn, at Trump Winery.  You can get more information here.

You can also stay in a cabin in lieu of the main house.

Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery’s charming 558-square-foot private log Cabin was constructed from reclaimed antique barn timbers; hand-hewn scars and original nails can be seen. This well-appointed accommodation includes two king beds, vaulted ceilings, large seating area, wood burning floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, and private back porch overlooking the natural Virginia woodlands, countryside, and pond.  The Private Cabin, though secluded and rustic, is just 100 yards from the main house and offers guests unique lodging along with the full array of amenities and service of the estate. 

Here are some views of the rooms.

Extraordinary property for sure.  And the area is gorgeous!

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  1. I guess the two main lenders (I read the Forbes article) wound up finding no other buyer and took a bath on the purchase price after all! What an absolutely STUNNING property. I would love to stay there..


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