Thursday, February 13, 2020

Spring Wishlist

The spring fashions are slowly coming out and I can't wait for warmer weather.  While I have not bought anything, there are lots of great things I'd love to add to my already bulging closet.  Here are a few spring loves......

Love these new loafers from Tory Burch.  Wish they were blue with white trim but love the size of the heel and these tend to fit my skinny feet.  These will go with lots of things in my wardrobe.

Love this sweater coat that I saw in the store and it is much better in person.  It's very soft.  Can't wait to go and try it!

Also love this dress but I have not seen it yet.  

Love this dress as well which is a jacquard and it's much better in real life.  Can't wait to try this one on as well.....

I'd love to add an Alice Ware coat to my coat menagerie.  These are made-to-order and you can select your fabric.

Love these Madewell Pants which are the same style as my winter corduroy ones that I get asked where I bought them every time I wear them.  And they are flattering and so comfortable.

Also love this Frances Valentine spring coat.  It's a bit wild but fun.

Love this Liberty dress from J Crew. It's also on sale right now.

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