Monday, April 1, 2013

All Time Favorite Things

If you were going to be stranded somewhere and could take your most favorite things with you what would you take? Think about it.  Nothing trendy, just the things you love most, year in and year out.  The things that you use, go to, buy over and over again.

Here's my list.......don't laugh at me!

My car.  I simply love my car.  I have had it a while, it is just the best car I have ever had.  It looks just like this:

I bought six bags of these today, on sale.  You can NEVER find them and they are not cheap. I eat these by the bag.  Nothing is better than Russell Stover Pectin Jelly Eggs. Nothing!

My Arcteryx Atom zip up jacket.  Mine does not have the hood and is black.  Just the best jacket, coat, whatever you want to call it. Run in it, ride in it, ski in it, eat dinner in it.You get the picture...

My Belgian Loafers.  Pick a pair up next time you are in New York.  Your feet will thank you and twenty years from now you will still be wearing them even if your wallet will remember the purchase.

Kneipps Spruce and Pine Energy Bath.  If you are a bath person, this stuff is just the best treat after a long run, a horse show, a day of skiing, hiking.  It smells great, is soothing and just is the perfect way to top off an athletic day!

My Tag watch.  Got it in 1990 in Hong Kong and still going.  When this watch dies I don't know what I will do.  It has been resurrected a few times already.  

I can't get through the winter without my Carmex. It is just the best for chapped lips.  If you spend time outside in winter, this is a must!

 If I ever quit drinking Diet Coke, I am convinced the stock will go down. Seriously.

Perrier is a close second:

 Nike running shoes have been a staple of mine since the 1980's.  I remember when they made them only for men.  Really.

Last but not least, the trusty Hermes scarf.  Looks great on you at 18 and 80.  Can't ever go wrong with this baby....


  1. Belgian Loafers & Hermes scarves....yes, yes, yes! My Aunt wore them always and I couldn't wait to be just like her.
    If you want another treat to rival the Jelly Beans, try Mouth Party Caramels (you can buy them at Frenchman's Corner in C'ville or Culpeper)
    Love your posts and your wonderful taste!

    1. Thank you. But I hope I am not a Grandmother (in age). I don't feel that old, yet!

  2. Carmex and Diet Coke for the win :) Completely agree on those!

  3. Nice list! You have many things I would like but don't own yet, like an Hermes scarf. I do have Carmex though, LOL. What kind of car is that? I can't quite make out the emblem on the back in your photo. Honda CRV? Toyota? Subaru? I'm stumped and it's bothering me because I'm definitely a car person! I loff my car, too, even if it's the quintessential "Mom-Mobile," namely, a Toyota minivan.

    1. BMW X3. It is the best! And I thought my Volvo would never be bettered.


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