Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Techno Touch Comes to Riding

I am loving the techno fabrics that have finally hit mainstream in the riding world.  Say good-by to those monogrammed collar cotton ratcatchers and wool riding coats.  Say hello to wash and wear, body-sculpting coats that hit Europe first.  I love the look but these won't hide that extra 30 pounds you gained last year, that's for certain.

These Animo jackets and shirts are great.

Even Essex Classics is moving in on this trend and making a washable, body hugging shirt that moves with you and hugs those new tight-fitting coats:

This is another Essex shirt also being worn by the hunter and jumper riders.  Washable too!

These coats are from Grand Prix.  You see these both in the hunter and jumper rings. I love these with the ultrasuede collars!

This one I believe is from Pikeur:

It's nice to see the sport evolving or the fashion evolving I should say.  These coats look great on and add to the overall "look" which may not make you ride better but at least you look good!

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