Monday, April 1, 2013

My Fantasy Farm

What if you could build or buy or renovate your "fantasy farm" with all the amenities that you ever wanted?  Wouldn't that be cool?

Where would you start?  We came very close once to buying a small farm that had the most amazing indoor arena and barn (the house need a lot of work) but decided against it in the end (the right decision) but I often wonder how much I would have loved that place!  With money being no object what would you pick out for your own fantasy farm?

My entrance would look something like the photo below.  It would be old, have a wooden gate, not pretentious, tasteful.

I love old barns like I love old houses.  So the place would need to have character and charm and it would be wood, brick or stone, not metal. Or it could be new but made to look like it was old.  I would probably want 10 stalls.  I would not need more than that, ever.  I have six now, and that is plenty.

I would love to have one that looked like it had been around forever and it would need to have dutch doors or windows to the outside so the horses could see out.  Pavers would be nice, inside and out.  I love the way this one looks below:

And it's the little touches that add up and make the difference, like the cupola below:

I would have a hot walker:

And a treadmill (and I would add all those lovely tack trunks):

Maybe a round pen too

An equipment shed for the trailer, tractor, attachments, etc.  But not a metal one.  It would match the barn.

A washer and dryer, just for horse stuff

A nice comfortable tack room, that is well organized but not over the top:

An outdoor ring with great footing and jumps:

And an indoor:

I would use doors like these and the stalls would be large and airy:

And there would be lush paddocks for the horses, with board fence and many acres of land to ride on, with dirt road and no traffic and no four wheelers:

Wow, don't want much, do I?  We can dream can't we?  Perfection does not always equate to happiness.  But barn lust, is, well barn lust......Happy Monday and hope that spring is on its way wherever you live!
(all photos are from Pinterest)


  1. Love it, especially the gate and tack room... Although I would add a therapy pool :)

  2. You know at the retirement farm it's pretty bare bones... and I was pretty content. Until our bout with cellulitis/lymphangitis in November and the whole cold hosing for 30 minutes 2x daily.
    I would have said before that incident that I could get away without a wash stall.
    No more.
    Some form of wash stall, even if it's just X ties outside with a hose and gravel would be better than trying to hold the horse while hosing the upper inside of the hind leg in the wind/rain/snow.

    Did I mention what a good boy my red headed TB was for all that?


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