Monday, April 29, 2013

Saddle Anyone?

A previous post, earlier this month, looked at saddles, including my own.  So I thought it would not hurt to mention here that it is for sale in case anyone knows someone looking for a used French Saddle.  These are very popular and the most comfortable saddle I have ridden in.  I have two, am keeping one, but think this one is possibly pinching Alfie's back.  It seems to be sore also under the saddle and he has very wide hips, a wide back, much wider than normal.

This is a Butet, a French saddle.   Comes with cover but not the fittings.  16' but most likely a 16'5 (my size in most saddles).  They only made these in whole sizes when purchased new.  Deep seat, 1.0 flap, has knee blocks but they can be removed easily.  Regular size tree.  Very good condition, no repairs made or needed.  Is a 1997 model but since I have two saddles, this one was reserved mostly for horse shows so has been used little for its age.  The marks on the saddle above are oil which had not fully dried when I took this photo.  Email me with questions. Saddle is located in Virginia.  $2000 OBO.  Thanks for looking!


  1. I just came across your blog and am kind of freaked out because this sounds exactly like the saddle I bought from cwd off ebay in May. So if you traded in your saddle I may be its new owner :)

  2. A picture of your horse Alfie also just popped up on my facebook... I think you ride with my trainer from college, Jason Berry. Such a small world!!!


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