Friday, April 19, 2013

Saddle Sore

I started looking at saddles recently on the advice of my trainer and also because Alfie has a sore back and the saddle may be a contributor.  There are so many saddles out there now, I don't know where to begin, and like shopping for horses, shopping for saddles is not much fun.  I have two saddles, the exact same model, and will likely sell one of them before I get a new one.  And I am thinking "new used" to save some money.

This is the model I like:

But there are so many different makes and models out there.  This is what I have (but this is not my own saddle):

The ones I like are French. Years ago it was only English.  

Tell me about your saddle woes and does shopping for saddles make you sore like it does me?


  1. Ah yes, the Great Saddle Hunt. If you like it, the horse doesn't, and vice-versa! I actually, having never owned my own horse, have not shopped with a horse in mind but I had enough trouble just finding something for ME. I drove myself batty - it was almost as bad as wedding dress-picking! :-) But I have been privy to many a conversation via blog or forum with people endlessly discussing choices... and it can be very frustrating!

    I am looking forward to sitting in one of those much-vaunted CWDs at Rolex, just for fun, as I haven't done so before. You definitely ought to be able to find a nice one used since they are so popular right now. The other brands that seem to be in fashion are Antares and Devoucoux, as I'm sure you know. From what I read the comfy, butter-soft French leather doesn't hold up as well but it sure feels good!

    What kind is your current saddle? I don't recognize it. Looks very nice so I'm sorry it doesn't seem to be agreeing with Alfie.

  2. My horse hates all the saddles I love. I love french, and every french saddle I have put on him is too curved in the tree for him. Plus, living in the middle of Texas it's hard to get any reps to come out... so the whole situation is frustrating.

  3. I guess I was lucky, I had a 15.5" Hubertus that I bought [barely] used when I was a teenaged barn bunny riding various lesson and other horses... and it served me very well incl with my own horse I bought decades later.

    Then I bought a cheap, flat, hard crappy saddle, that I rode in for a few years. Don't even remember the make.

    Finally I started looking for an AP when I got a big bonus form work and was working with an Event trainer. While hunting I was steered towards a nice Stubben Parzival Dressage saddle that had been customized for a short person such as myself.
    It is older and hard and fits me to a T and I love that saddle.

    So then I ventured out to find a jumping saddle and ended up with a HDR bought new .

    ALL of these saddles worked for my OTTB, hence the 'lucky' comment because I understand fitting a saddle to a horse can be a career.

    Are those saddles you presently have Butets? *Swoon*
    I can not recommend more highly they are nearish to me but also ship and carry HUNDREDS of used saddles and have a generous trial program [found my Stubben there, went back for the HDR]

  4. Good to know my friend at the barn and I aren't the only people that are "saddle sore" as well. She is on her 14th saddle for her mare and finally decided on a custom Black Country. The price for custom was too good to pass up. I have tried one of their models and while my horse seems to do okay with it, I couldn't ride in the saddle, I flopped like fish out of water. I'm now on saddle #8 for my gelding. I have a Tad and I love it but my horse does not. So now back to the drawing board for me. I'm hoping to meet with the County rep soon! If that doesn't work, I'm learning bareback and giving up on saddles!


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