Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Most Incredible Garden Shop in Virginia

Traveled east today towards Richmond to take Linus the Loaner back to his real owner.  A great by-product of our trip today was my first (and certainly not last) visit to the most incredible garden shop/nursery near Richmond.  I have never seen so much stuff under one roof.  You need a few hours to see this place near Short Pump, but I took some photos just to give you the flavor.  This place is mecca for gardeners:

You really need a map:

Great pot selection but believe Ivy Nursery near Charlottesville has them beat in this department.  The two stores are very different.

 I really liked this piece and had a place to put it but it was expensive:

 Great benches!

 Ivy anyone?

We made a few purchases and even had a nice man take it to our horse trailer!  At least we were easy to spot in the parking lot.  Had a fun day out with Molly and Linus is safe and sound back in his real barn!  We miss you already little boy!


  1. It looks wonderful! What is the name of the shoppe?

    1. It is Strange's in Short Pump, VA just outside of Richmond.

  2. We have been going to Strange's for years and it is fabulous. What you are seeing now is nothing compared to Strange's at CHRISTMAS!!
    Glad you love our "local" greenhouse!

  3. To meet production deadlines, these growers must push the plants with heat and lots of fertilizer resulting in very lush looking, but very weak plants, that don’t transition well outside of their pampered beginnings.


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