Thursday, January 8, 2015

Make Your Own Oomph Table?

You may be familiar with the wonderful pieces from Oomph. Side tables, coffee tables and even light fixtures, lacquered in bold colors that will brighten any room but will darken your checkbook.  The stuff is expensive.  It screams "Palm Beach" to me but I was wanting a beige table for my living room project, matching tables to go beside a sofa I am recovering in a rich deep blue velveteen.  But $3000 for two tables was not in my budget.

But you can have one, or one that looks like Oomph for a lot less.....
The table below is from Oomph...Looks great doesn't it?

Here's where my idea came from......
In 2013, Target sold some small tables under their Threshold brand (alas, they are gone, I checked) and a blogger took one and painted it and made it more glossy and changed the color.  These had the grasscloth top already.  Read about her transformation here.

I am starting with this table, from Target, for $69.99.  When I ordered mine, there was a 15% off sale plus another 5% off for using your credit card plus free shipping. I ordered mine in white, as I they will be easier to paint.

One difference is that these tables do not have the raffia or grasscloth top like the Oomph tables.  Still trying to decide whether I should add that and if so, where I might get the wallpaper. I won't need much.  Here are some other great side tables, also from Target that I liked:

This looks like a bedroom table to me, but I really like it.  It could also be painted most any color, and in high gloss, it would look great. For less than $100 what's not to like?

This one was in my store, in a yellowish color, this one is gray, $79.99, paint this baby a fun color and it will look great!
Everyone loves a bargain, right? 


  1. You could use a bamboo mat and cover it w/some glass to get the effect. Cool table that you found!


  2. Your inspiration pic is the home of a friend of mine. :) I have always loved those bright, cheery tables!


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