Monday, January 12, 2015

Tack Rooms for the Rest of Us

I saw an article recently that made me think about reorganizing my own tack room and grooming area while my horses are gone this winter.  I'm lucky that I have a huge tack room to hold years of stuff but you never seem to have time to make it all work.  I'm not talking about luxury tack rooms but a tack room for the rest of us.  Love this idea of hanging all those saddle pads...

I wish I could be this neat:

You never have enough space for halters, bridles, martingales, lead ropes.  This is practical.

A cubby hole for everything...
 A towel bar for the wash room: why didn't I think of that?

I keep my feed in round garbage cans like in this picture.  I love having all that extra room for buckets, supplements and meds.

I love how the grooming stall is organized here too!

Have I inspired organization? Hope so!


  1. I have an entertainment armoire I bought to rehab into a tack armoire for my garage.
    Space for my saddles and all the other stuff I will probably never use again, but can't part with either.
    Silly really. But a neat tack room is a wonderful space.

  2. I no longer have a horse, but I love these photos! Now I want another horse!


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