Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 - The Year of the Mule?

For those of you who have been HCC followers, you already know about the West Point connection.  When you blog you get introduced to a lot of people, and my love of West Point and the Mules (which came through my hubby, as he's a WP grad) brought me to a new connection late in 2014.

Rumor has it, that 2015 will be dubbed The Year of the Mule for West Point.....a karmic way to break the 13-year old curse of losing the Army-Navy Game (that annual tradition in early December).  13 is an unlucky number, for Navy, that is.  And the Mules will play an integral part in breaking this curse in 2015.  So we're planning to help "celebrate the Mule" for West Point.

There's a growing movement of old WP grads who want to reinforce the West Point - Mule connection.  If you are not familiar with it, read about it here.  A second Mule post is here.  The Mule connection at West Point is just one of the numerous "grand old traditions" that make West Point a special place.  And as a true animal lover, I believe the animals deserve their own recognition and place in history.

There's a book in the works, I understand, which will cover the 116-year old history of the West Point mule mascots, with lots of never published materials and photos.  Amanda Van Essen is the author. When it's published, you can rest assured, we'll be blogging about it.

There's a great video on the Mules on YouTube.  See it here:
I hope you'll share in my passion of the history and tradition of the Army mules, after all they have their own place in history.  Hoping your 2015 is starting out well.  We all need to keep traditions alive, as so much seems to get lost today in our techno-world where history seems to be so forgotten.

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