Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ode to Wellington

Twas early in January, and all through the barn, not a creature was stirring, because they’re all gone!

Vacuumed and cleaned, curried and brushed, loaded onto large trailers, some had to be pushed.
With health certificates in tow, and owners flush with cash, the horses are making the annual Wellington dash.

The horses, well, they don’t have a voice, whether they prefer warm, cold, or even Aiken or Ocala, they simply don’t have a choice.

The trainers are ready, it’s their big cash cow and the owners want the warm weather right about now.  

Tory Burch bathing suits have just come out, and the new perforated thong sandal will be a big hit in the owners’ tents no doubt. On Lilly, Gucci, Prada and even J Crew, the fashionistas of WEF will be more than a few.

The condos have all been refurbished or redone, ready and waiting for four months of fun. 

With 5000 horses descending on WEF right about now, I’m a little glad I’m not a cash cow.  My steeds will remain nestled and tucked in their beds, for a few more months of winter, Alfie won’t be turning any heads.  

We’ll watch and listen for the Welly World gossip from afar, so if you’re a part of it all, leave the door ajar.  When the colds of February descend on us common folks who remained up north in our own barns, we’ll look to the Wellies for some really good yarns.©

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