Friday, February 9, 2018

Athletic Chic

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, isn't it a great time to celebrate real athletic style?   I'm not talking about wearing athleisure or dressing in Nike running clothes because it looks good and is comfortable.....I'm talking about really living the life of an athlete - run, ride, ski, and swim.  I look forward to a hot soaking bath after a hard workout.  You eat well because you need "good" calories to sustain your lifestyle.  When you live on a farm, working out comes with the territory. It took me two hours a few days ago to do my barn chores - a two-hour workout, lifting 40 pound hay bales, dumping muck buckets, carrying water buckets. It's not glamorous but it's part of my athletic lifestyle, on certain days. 

I bought one of these Authier vests from J Crew a few years back. I ride in it, run in it, ski in it. It's so Italian.  I wish they sold these now.  I would love own these in several colors.

Surprisingly, Gucci makes riding clothes, not that you could afford them.  But they are genuine and stylish. 

Arcteryx is my favorite winter weather clothing brand and I ski in Arcteryx shells and tops - form and function plus style.  It's made in Canada and it's warm beyond belief. This hoody is my all-time favorite and have the vest. My husband bikes in his Arcteryx shells and also wears this brand when he skis.  Kiss Patagonia and North Face good-by. There is no comparison.  This brand is the real deal.  It is totally worth every penny.

Shoes are one of the most important pieces of your equipment as a runner, rider, tennis player.  Shoes have come such a long way since the Stan Smith shoe was introduced way back when. 

Also a part of the lifestyle is recovery mode - a hot soaking bath after a long run; an hour in the hot tub apres ski; 8 pm bedtime after a great day of riding and showing.....

Let's celebrate the Olympics at home!

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