Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Winter Olympics - Rocking Gold in More Ways Than One

I have loved watching the Olympics every night (and suffering the effects in the morning when I can't get out of bed) and will be sad to see it end soon. But the competition, the sport, the commentary, well, it's so darn competitive and so over the top. Kudos to NBC for doing a fantastic job and without Matt Lauer (LOL). 

Watching these well-worn athletes do whatever it takes to win a medal is refreshing - Vonn, Shiffrin, Randall and Diggins (you women rock). If you happen to have that competitive athlete gene in your DNA, you know what I am talking about.  These athletes have the mental fortitude to put it all on the line and make a run for the gold.  Others like Serena Williams has it.  Roger Federer has it.  Soffia Goggia has it (congratulations on that new gold medal).  The teeny-bobber Russian ice skaters both have it. 

A few more observations.......

Why hasn't NBC hired Tanith White and Terry Gannon to host the Today Show?  Both world class athletes. Both stunningly beautiful.  Both articulate. Humble.  Well-dressed.  I look forward to watching them both every evening.

The chemistry between Weir and Lipinski goes without saying but what about the almost thirty suitcases of stuff they brought between them for the games. They are so pulled together in their own way but when you bring Nordstrom with you to South Korea, you do have options.  I look forward to seeing their wardrobes almost as much as I do their commentary. They also need a show.

And while the Canada - US Hockey Game was on too late last night for me, isn't it grand that US women, the underdogs, beat the best in the world?  You go girls.

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